Special Offer: Make a Laelia(Schomburgkia) or Myrmecophila cross and we will pay all lab fees, replate charges, and you will receive a free bottle or flask of 25-40 plants of your own creation to sell or to share with your friends.

In the case of an  awarded  Laelia(Schomburgkia) or Myrmecophila  species or hybrid, Meke Aloha will pay for the meristemming of your awarded plant (You keep the plant!). If the meristemming is successful, we will ship you a bottle or flask (25-40 plants) of your meristemmed plants for your distribution.

Legal Notice: Please check with us first on the cross as we reserve the right to accept or reject your pod for free lab work. Also many crosses are sterile and produce no viable seed, in which case Meke Aloha will bear no further responsibility. If the seed is viable, Meke Aloha will ship postpaid one finished bottle of your own unique plant creation to your door.